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Pastrami Feast

Pastrami Feast

SKU: XB008

Because Pastrami is our Love Language, we're giving you a DELI-cious Pastrami feast! This hunk of a slab right here is not your average beef pastrami. This is what makes our New York Style Brisket Pastrami Sandwich and Pastrami Fried Rice all that it is - satisfyingly flavorful, tender, and dangerously delicious! Now available sliced or in 750g slab, paired with our best-selling Mango Basil Jam, Truffle Cream Cheese, Ciabatta Sourdough bread, and your choice of Chika: Bibingka Cheesecake (Ube or Classic) for a truly remarkable feast!


    NY Style Brisket Pastrami 750g, Ciabatta Sourdough bread, Mango & Basil Jam, Truffle Cream Cheese, CHIKA: Bibingka Cheesecake

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